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CTC: 10 x 1min / 1minR

Posted by thepeteplan on September 4, 2010

It’s September, and with a new month comes a new Cross Team Challenge ( This month’s challenge was chosen by my team, so I thought it was best to put in an early score to help motivate the rest of the team to do the same. First to yesterday, and perhaps the reason I shouldn’t have chosen this session for today though.


Yesterday afternoon I did what should have been a fairly straight forward medium intensity negative split 10k:

10k = 36:12.1 / 1:48.6 / 25
2k splits:
1:52.0 / 23
1:49.8 / 25
1:47.9 / 26
1:47.1 / 26
1:46.1 / 26

It felt much harder than the pace would suggest though, and I wrote in my diary “not feeling 100%, hard effort for the pace, need to do a few easy days”. Of course after a good night’s sleep I didn’t think about this, and did the hard CTC intervals set anyway.


CTC: 10 x 1min / 1min rest:
1:31.7 / 327m / 35
1:31.7 / 327m / 35
1:31.7 / 327m / 35
1:31.4 / 328m / 35
1:31.4 / 328m / 35
1:31.4 / 328m / 35
1:31.7 / 327m / 35
1:32.0 / 326m / 35
1:32.3 / 325m / 35
1:31.4 / 328m / 35

10mins = 3270m / 1:31.7 / 35

Again a hard effort for the pace, but still a good pace for me as this steady stroke rate.

Pete Plan Coaching athletes:

Following on from my last blog entry I will continue to introduce one of the athletes I coach through Pete Plan Coaching in each blog entry. Neil Gallagher is one of the longest standing PPC athletes, having been coached since March 2008. Neil is also one of the most consistent performers in his training. In contrast to Shirley though, Neil trains for the health and fitness benefits, and hasn’t raced at an indoor rowing venue race. Despite this Neil maintains the motivation for consistent improvement, and has improved month on month throughout the 2.5 years I have been working with him. It was 6months before Neil did a single session under 2:00 pace (the first being a 500m reps session), and he now has a sub 7:30 2k pb, and is rowing weekly 10k’s at well under 2:10 pace. A true proponent of the Pete Plan methodology Neil has consistently been faster every month than the preceeding month. This is also a testiment to how effective remote coaching can be, and this is all despite Neil and I never having met in person, though one day we will get together for a training session.


One Response to “CTC: 10 x 1min / 1minR”

  1. shirleygkn said

    What makes someone so dedicated but not have a competitive spirit I wonder. I find it hard to understand. 😉 Really good progress Neil.

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