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Posted by thepeteplan on September 2, 2010

Tuesday’s session was a reversion to 5k paced work. This wasn’t entirely the intension of the session, but the way it worked out in practice. The session was actually planned as an 8 x 500m / 1min rest session that I was doing alongside someone else. I didn’t want to pace the session maximally as I had a busy day on Wednesday that I couldn’t afford to be fatigued for, so picked a pace a little faster than 5k pace. As I was 10 to 12 seconds faster pace than the other guy I was a full rep ahead by the time he was on rep 8, and still feeling comfortable, so opted for 10 reps at that point. After a fast 10th I couldn’t resist doing one more for luck – after all, the harder you train the luckier you get….

11 x 500m / 1r:
1:38.0 / 30
1:38.0 / 30
1:37.9 / 30
1:37.7 / 30
1:37.9 / 30
1:37.7 / 30
1:37.8 / 30
1:37.8 / 30
1:37.8 / 30
1:32.3 / 34
1:37.8 / 30

17:50.8 / 5500m / 1:37.3 / 30

And as a proper leg and lung tester, the session was finished off with a one off, flat out, 250m sprint:

250m = 40.5 / 1:21.0 / 45

Wednesday was then an enforced rest day, leaving me physically fresh for a good erg session today. However, I have a feeling I have an illness lingering in the background and didn’t want to give in to the temptation of doing anything too hard. Instead I went out for a 40min lunchtime run with a colleague, just a nice gentle pace through the woods, and my first outside run after the 6 weeks or so of integrating treadmill work into my training.

Introducing the Pete Plan team:

I mentioned in a blog entry a few weeks ago that I would write a bit about some of the athletes I’m coaching in future entries. The first introduction goes to one of my longest standing coaching clients – Shirley Godkin is the current 60+ women’s British Indoor Rowing champion (and championship record holder), the 2009 World Indoor Rowing silver medalist, multiple times New Zealand champion, and with 3 current world records to her name. Shirley is travelling all the way from New Zealand again in November to defend her title at the British open championships!

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