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60mins = 16634m (1:48.2)

Posted by thepeteplan on August 13, 2010

As I posted on Wednesday, today was a 60min “test” with a fellow erg athlete. I say “test” because it was never my intention to go 100% for the best distance I could achieve, but more to act as a pace maker for the guy I was rowing with (who was aiming for 16400m+ and a pb) with a push at the end.

10min splits:
1:48.9 / 26
1:48.9 / 26
1:48.9 / 26
1:48.8 / 26
1:48.1 / 26
1:45.4 / 27

60mins = 16634m / 1:48.2 / 26

It physically felt very comfortable for that first 40mins, and I made the decision there to gradually push the pace from 15mins out for the finish. A second at a time roughly every 3 to 4 mins with a strong push in the last 2mins. Casey, who I was rowing with, managed a big pb with a 16499m, which was great work.


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Mental prep for Friday

Posted by thepeteplan on August 11, 2010

On Friday I’m doing a 60min erg trial with a friend in the gym. He is going for a personal best over 16400m, so my aim will be to push him to make sure he gets there, then try to beat him in the end! As I commented some days ago though, I’ve not rowed an hour straight for a while now, which makes it seem a long way. Today was going to be a rest day from the gym but I decided to do some mental prep for the 60mins on Friday by doing a pace / rate trial to see where I think I can pace it. 8500m @ 1:49.5 / 26 felt fine physically, but mentally another 29mins seems like such a long way. This pace is manageable for the hour at 24spm when I’m in good shape, but at 26spm the lighter stroke makes it physically really quite comfortable, and enables me to easily speed up towards the end. I think my plan for Friday will be to pace the first 40mins for 16400 exactly (around this pace), then start to push in the final 20mins aiming for at least 16500 in the end.

I finished off with the customary 2k run, with the speed increased a bit over recent efforts as the row was fairly short and light.

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The most effective training

Posted by thepeteplan on August 10, 2010

Often the most effective training is the session you do on the day you don’t really feel like training at all. Today was one of those days for me where I nearly didn’t train at all, but managed to find a small window of time, and a small amount of motivation to get it done. And what is better for a short session than a 2k? This can also serve as a lesson for some of the people I coach who are doing fairly regular 2k “tests” at the moment, in that for these 2ks to be effective they don’t need to always be faster than the last time. So far I have been down to 6:25 on these 2k trials, but as I wasn’t feeling 100% today I set my target as breaking 6:30. The reason for the regular 2ks at this time of the year is to make the single 2000m piece just like any other training session, and so doing one slightly slower is a lot better than simply skipping the session for another week or two. The longer you leave between 2ks, the more you build them up mentally to be harder than any other training you do, which they really aren’t.

2000m = 6:28.6 / 1:37.1 / 31

500m splits: 1:36.8, 1:37.6, 1:37.5, 1:36.7

Another solid enough 2k, and on a day when I feel more motivated and physically better I will be able to improve on the recent best of 6:25.5.

Yesterday’s training was a 10k with the first 2k as a fairly slow warm up, then the rest at 1:52 / 24 (for an average of 1:53.2).

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9k run

Posted by thepeteplan on August 8, 2010

As is now part of my routine Sunday is “long run” day. Of course to many people reading this the length of run I am doing on a Sunday is what you would consider a warm up, but it’s long enough for me. This is the completion of the third week of running with the first two Sunday runs having been 6.44km (4miles) and 7.25km (4.5miles). The aim today was simple, to run further than last Sunday.

Treadmill run = 9km

I did think about carrying on to 10km, but that can wait until next week. I will have then built up gradually enough that I can run the 10km once a week without getting any major fatigue to take into the erging week. I have posted nothing about pace during the 3 weeks of running, other than to say it’s not fast. Once I get to 10km next weekend for the long run I will gradually increase the pace of that 10km run. The regular erg training day runs are generally 2km now, and those I will not be pushing, because their purpose is simply to get my legs (muscles, tendons, ligaments) used to running. One thing I will say about pace is that I do have a bottom line pace that I don’t start slower than on any of the runs, and currently a maximum pace that I won’t go above on any of them. This baseline pace is 12km/h, and depending how my legs feel on any one day I either start there, or a little faster than that, and I only get faster during the run up to the maximum pace I allow myself to (which is faster on the long runs than the daily post erg workout runs). It’s more about duration of the running motion for my legs at the moment, so pace is a little irrelevant, but next weekend’s first 10km run will mark the benchline from which I will gradually increase the pace.

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New CTC, Tideway erg session

Posted by thepeteplan on August 7, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday this week turned out to be unplanned rest days. If I was a professional athlete these would not have been rest days, but having to work for a living and the general stresses of life get in the way of training occasionally.

Thursday was planned as an after work group erg session at Tideway Scullers rowing club in London. The new CTC session of 3 x 1k / 2min rest was on the plan for this one. This wasn’t an easy session to judge the pace on for the first attempt, and it’s really one of those sessions that you have to be in the right place mentally to do well on.

3 x 1k / 2min rest:
3:13.9 / 1:36.9 / 32
3:14.3 / 1:37.1 / 32
3:15.9 / 1:37.9 / 31

Ave: 9:44.1 / 1:37.3 / 31

Obviously not quite to plan with the final rep being slower, and also not great being the slowest of the three of us doing the session. Early in the month so plenty of time to improve on this one though.

Friday the plan was just for a very steady session which ended up being:

30mins erg = 7546m / 1:59.5 / 19

2k run, and a short weights circuit. I’ll be honest, I set the row as a 60mins, and obviously 1:59 pace is nice and easy for me. My head wasn’t in it though, so I cut it short as I couldn’t face another 30mins.

On to Saturday. This morning I decided when I got to the gym to go for the CTC session again for a slight improvement on the score from Thursday.

3 x 1k / 2r:
3:14.4 / 1:37.2 / 32
3:14.4 / 1:37.2 / 32
3:12.9 / 1:36.4 / 32

Total: 9:41.7 / 1:36.9 / 32

That’s more like it with the final rep being the fastest, and a much better place to work from through the month. I think I can get close to a 1:36 average on the right day, but as I said about you really need to have your head in the right place on this one to push it hard and keep going.

Again finished this session off with a 2k run, then 10mins cooldown on the wave stepper.

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10k – supposed to be steady

Posted by thepeteplan on August 2, 2010

10k = 35:59.6 / 1:47.9 / 25

(2k splits: 1:50.4, 1:48.8, 1:48.3, 1:47.9, 1:44.4)

This was to be a steady 10k today, but I couldn’t resist the slight negative split to begin with, then pushing on in the final 2k to go under 36mins. I need to get back to the regular 1hour rows. It has been a few weeks I think since I’ve rowed over 10k in a session, and not long before that when I stated that I was going to aim to do a couple of 60min (so 16k roughly) rows each week.

I finished off today with a short circuit consisting of cleans, some bench jumps, bench press and bicep curls (just the equipment and space I could get in the gym for a bit of whole body weights work and to burn a few more cals).

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Sunday (kind of) long run

Posted by thepeteplan on August 1, 2010

I say kind of long run, as it wasn’t really very long, but both longer than the regular runs I’m doing during the week and last weekend’s longer run.

Treadmill run = 4.5miles (7.25km)

Last weekend I did 4miles (6.44km), so I wanted to go further than that. For some reason it felt like a bit of a slog from the start today though, so I decided not to go much further. The treadmill is in km like most, but it just helps with motivation to give myself shorter term targets, and to occupy my brain a bit, by working it out in miles during the run too. So half a mile more today, and up to 7.25km in “real” distance.

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