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Posted by thepeteplan on August 27, 2010

I was short of time for a training session today, so decided to get my weekend run out of the way early. Rather than going for a 10km run again I decided to go for 5k but at a faster pace. So with the runs last week starting at 12.7km/h, including the 10km, I picked a starting pace today of 13.3km/h (this being 4m30 per km). I increased speed gradually up to the 5km point (up to 14.3km/h), then slowed back to 12.5km/h up to 6km, then a cool down walk up to 30mins.

This is the run that shows me how much the small amount of running training I have done has improved my running. Not because it was particularly fast (though recall I started with 1km at 12km/h 6 weeks ago), but because it wasn’t hard, and there is no leg fatigue following the run.

Away from training:

As the title of this blog suggests, the premise behind my blogging is to describe how I train within the general constraints of training during my lunchhour at work. On a few blog entries over the past few weeks I have mentioned being short of time for a particular session, and so doing a shorter session to make the training efficient. The reason for these interuptions to training time, or occasionally motivation for training, is not being over-worked. My company is going through a big restructuring exercise currently, which means potential redundancies at the beginning of November. Rather than wait to see what happens at that point I have been looking at all of my career options, both within my company, within other companies within my industry, and any other possibilities. So time (and mental resource) has been taken up with CV work, job applications, and the odd interview. Ideally I am trying to give myself options before the decision is made for me in November.

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