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An (unsteady) hour

Posted by thepeteplan on August 25, 2010

It was time to get a steady hour in on the erg after work today, but I couldn’t really face the thought of an easy intensity hour to did it with a twist. Here is what the overall hour looks like on paper:

60mins = 16001m / 1:52.4 / 24
10min splits:
1:54.6 / 23
1:53.5 / 24
1:52.9 / 24
1:52.2 / 24
1:51.6 / 25
1:49.9 / 25

In reality the way it was paced was with a base pace of 1:55 with a number of hard strokes at each 5 minute point. At 5mins in I did 10 hard strokes (nominally at 1:45 pace), then at 10mins 15 hard strokes, 15mins was 20 hard strokes, and so on up to 60 hard strokes at 55mins in. This was a good way to pass the time quickly, and it didn’t feel hard at any point.

It is now a long weekend off work, so hopefully I can catch up on some sleep and get in 5 good sessions in the 5 days off work.

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