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Sprint training (and yoga)

Posted by thepeteplan on August 24, 2010

Following the 10k run on Sunday I had a pain in my calf that was a little worrying, and is one of the reasons why for large parts of the year my training consists of erg sessions only. In nearly 10 years of consistent erg training I don’t remember ever having an injury caused by the erg training. Impact activities just carry more risk, even just running on a treadmill. However, I enjoy the variety in my training, and I’m not a professional athlete, so I have no plans to go back to just erg training.

Due to the calf pain I didn’t go to the gym on Monday lunchtime. As I was already booked to go to a yoga class at the gym in the evening I still attended that though. 90mins of Yoga with the guru Gregory and what do you know, a completely cured calf! 24 hours later, and still no issue with it at all, so I don’t know what the injury was yesterday. I’ve only ever been to bikram Yoga before, not this more authentic variety. Bikram yoga is run in a hot studio, something like 37C (100F), and is a real sweat fest of a training activity. This “Hatha” yoga by contrast was very relaxing, and something I can see myself doing again (though 90mins seems like a long time for something that doesn’t seem like hard work).

Back to today – time was short so I went for a nice short sprinty session:

10 x 30sec / 15sec rest:
5mins = 1605m / 1:33.4 / 35spm

A 15second rest period is not a long time, and I think I missed the start on 3/4 of the reps, which meant I was chasing the average pace throughout. A good CV pushing session anyway, though realistically this is about 1mile and not as fast as my 1mile pb pace, but the short rest periods actually make it harder I believe as I had to accelerate from a stop 10 times during the session.

I then finished off with a single 30sec blast after a 500m paddle:

30sec = 189m / 1:19.3 / 50

With all rowing done at 129 drag.

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