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Running: Week 5 = 10km

Posted by thepeteplan on August 22, 2010

It is now the end of the 5th week since I started incorporating some running into my erg training routine. Each week I have ended with a “long” run at the weekend moving through 6.44km, 7.25km, 9km and finally to 10km at the end of week 4. The time for that first 10km last weekend was 47:49, so the aim today was simply to be a little faster. As I stated in my last blog entry, I have been starting my short runs this week at 12.7km/h, so that was to be the starting speed for the 10k today too. A very gradual speed up over the distance saw me finish today in:

10km run = 46:26

So an improvement of 1min23 from last Sunday’s time. My legs still aren’t at all used to this duration of running yet. The pace isn’t too hard, but the fatigue just really sets in during the last 4km or so, which is why I don’t want to push the pace too much yet. Hopefully the addition of the running is having a positive effect on my overall fitness level, time will tell.

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