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Rowing and running

Posted by thepeteplan on August 20, 2010

Since the 3 x 1k CTC attempt on Monday it has been a busy week, and as such I have just done mixed rowing and running sessions from Tuesday through to Friday (with Wednesday as a rest day).

Tues: 20min erg (1:58.1 / 19) + 20min run (4.45km)

Thur: 6k erg (1:52.0 / 24) + 2.5k run

Fri: 10k erg + 2k run, details below

For today’s 10k I was rowing with a colleague from work at lunchtime. He was aiming for a 10k pb, and breaking 41mins for the first time (so sub 2:03 pace). In order to give him a little incentive, and both of us a good hard workout, I gave him a 5min headstart then aimed to close to gap right at the end. I pushed the row at 1:46 / 26 for the first 6k, then had to back off slightly to 1:47’s for the next 3k before a final 1k at 1:43.4 for a final time of 35:27.1 (1:46.3 / 26). A solid enough time at that stroke rate, and as a bonus I pushed my colleague to a big personal best time, and also beat him to the finish by 4 seconds (he finished in 40:31).

The running continues to go well. For the first month leading up to the 10k I did last weekend my short runs at the end of erg sessions started at 1km, and pushed up to 2km in week 4. Initially these runs all began at 12km/h, and didn’t go over 12.5km/h. In week 4 they started at 12.3km/h, and pushed up to 13km/h. This week so far each run has begun at 12.7km/h, and yesterday’s run (2.5k) finished at 15.3km/h. This is all looking good for a much faster 10k run this weekend, where my aim will be to start at 12.7 and see how it goes from there. With a longer term aim of a sub 40 for 10k on the treadmill (15km/h) I might start pushing one post erg run each week to this pace and building up from a short (1km) run to get used to the pace. I may also decide to alternate weekend between the steady 10k run, and an intervals session at 15km/h.

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