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10km run

Posted by thepeteplan on August 14, 2010

It has taken a month to build up to it, but today I did my first full 10km run. I know it’s still a short run compared to a lot of you, and not at all fast, but then I’m really not a runner. Now that I’ve worked up to the full 10k without pushing the pace this forms my baseline to work from. The time at the end of the 10k today was 47mins 49seconds. It probably wasn’t ideal doing this the day after a hard hour on the rowing machine, but I really didn’t fancy doing a slow row session today so this seemed like the best option.

So the plan with the running is to continue with the short (2km or so) runs after each rowing session, and a longer run one day at the weekend (generally 10km, and pushing the pace slightly faster each time from this one). Hopefully by the gradual build up I have done over the past month it isn’t affecting the (priority) erg training at all, but also will have a positive effect when I stop running for 7 days before any races.

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