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Mental prep for Friday

Posted by thepeteplan on August 11, 2010

On Friday I’m doing a 60min erg trial with a friend in the gym. He is going for a personal best over 16400m, so my aim will be to push him to make sure he gets there, then try to beat him in the end! As I commented some days ago though, I’ve not rowed an hour straight for a while now, which makes it seem a long way. Today was going to be a rest day from the gym but I decided to do some mental prep for the 60mins on Friday by doing a pace / rate trial to see where I think I can pace it. 8500m @ 1:49.5 / 26 felt fine physically, but mentally another 29mins seems like such a long way. This pace is manageable for the hour at 24spm when I’m in good shape, but at 26spm the lighter stroke makes it physically really quite comfortable, and enables me to easily speed up towards the end. I think my plan for Friday will be to pace the first 40mins for 16400 exactly (around this pace), then start to push in the final 20mins aiming for at least 16500 in the end.

I finished off with the customary 2k run, with the speed increased a bit over recent efforts as the row was fairly short and light.

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