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The most effective training

Posted by thepeteplan on August 10, 2010

Often the most effective training is the session you do on the day you don’t really feel like training at all. Today was one of those days for me where I nearly didn’t train at all, but managed to find a small window of time, and a small amount of motivation to get it done. And what is better for a short session than a 2k? This can also serve as a lesson for some of the people I coach who are doing fairly regular 2k “tests” at the moment, in that for these 2ks to be effective they don’t need to always be faster than the last time. So far I have been down to 6:25 on these 2k trials, but as I wasn’t feeling 100% today I set my target as breaking 6:30. The reason for the regular 2ks at this time of the year is to make the single 2000m piece just like any other training session, and so doing one slightly slower is a lot better than simply skipping the session for another week or two. The longer you leave between 2ks, the more you build them up mentally to be harder than any other training you do, which they really aren’t.

2000m = 6:28.6 / 1:37.1 / 31

500m splits: 1:36.8, 1:37.6, 1:37.5, 1:36.7

Another solid enough 2k, and on a day when I feel more motivated and physically better I will be able to improve on the recent best of 6:25.5.

Yesterday’s training was a 10k with the first 2k as a fairly slow warm up, then the rest at 1:52 / 24 (for an average of 1:53.2).


One Response to “The most effective training”

  1. shirleygkn said

    Ok, I’ll try to remember that I don’t have to break the previous 2k time at the next attempt. Good idea Pete. Might have to do them a bit more often though in that case.

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