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9k run

Posted by thepeteplan on August 8, 2010

As is now part of my routine Sunday is “long run” day. Of course to many people reading this the length of run I am doing on a Sunday is what you would consider a warm up, but it’s long enough for me. This is the completion of the third week of running with the first two Sunday runs having been 6.44km (4miles) and 7.25km (4.5miles). The aim today was simple, to run further than last Sunday.

Treadmill run = 9km

I did think about carrying on to 10km, but that can wait until next week. I will have then built up gradually enough that I can run the 10km once a week without getting any major fatigue to take into the erging week. I have posted nothing about pace during the 3 weeks of running, other than to say it’s not fast. Once I get to 10km next weekend for the long run I will gradually increase the pace of that 10km run. The regular erg training day runs are generally 2km now, and those I will not be pushing, because their purpose is simply to get my legs (muscles, tendons, ligaments) used to running. One thing I will say about pace is that I do have a bottom line pace that I don’t start slower than on any of the runs, and currently a maximum pace that I won’t go above on any of them. This baseline pace is 12km/h, and depending how my legs feel on any one day I either start there, or a little faster than that, and I only get faster during the run up to the maximum pace I allow myself to (which is faster on the long runs than the daily post erg workout runs). It’s more about duration of the running motion for my legs at the moment, so pace is a little irrelevant, but next weekend’s first 10km run will mark the benchline from which I will gradually increase the pace.

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