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Solid 6k erg + 2k run

Posted by thepeteplan on July 30, 2010

6k = 20:49.8 / 1:44.1 / 27
1k splits:
1:44.9 / 27
1:44.8 / 27
1:44.8 / 27
1:44.7 / 27
1:43.9 / 28
1:41.6 / 29

Followed by a 2k treadmill run by way of a cool down (yes, the most ineffective cool down possible as mentioned before). The row was a moderate to hard intensity. The first 4k was fast enough to know you’re working pretty hard, but slow enough to know you can speed up sufficiently at the end without pushing too hard.

I’m glad it’s the weekend again. I am a member of two gyms – a fairly basic one at work that has the necessary equipment and a small changing room with a shower, and a posh commercial gym with a pool and all the nice things that come with an expensive commercial gym. I rarely get the time for a more relaxed session during the week, and generally am rushed to fit in a short session in the work gym just down the corridor from my office. Trying to change, workout, cooldown, shower, change and get back to the office within about an hour is not always easy, and certainly doesn’t leave time for any non essential activities (like warming up properly, actually cooling down at all, stretching…. So the weekend training sessions are always ones to look forward to.

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