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Cycling for a change + official news

Posted by thepeteplan on July 29, 2010

I had a busy day at work ahead of me with a meeting through the middle of the day when I would otherwise go to the gym. What would a normal person do, take a rest day? What did I do? I put my road bike in the back of the car, then rather than drop my wife at work and drive the further 9 miles to my work I parked there, took the bike out of the car, and cycled the 9miles in to work.  I put my garmin Edge 305 bike computer on, and it wasn’t a fast ride for only the second time my road bike has been on the road in 2010. To be fair though there was 250ft of ascent in the first 1.5miles of the ride, which both hits the average speed, and your legs when they’re not used to cycling! The ride back was a slightly different routine for variety and although that route didn’t have such a big sustained climb, it had nearly double the total ascent throughout the route.

Official news today:

I mentioned the news a couple of weeks ago about an erg athlete testing positive for EPO. Today it has been officially announced in the cycling press by British Cycling. Team Oarsome rower Dan Staite has been banned for 2 years following a positive test for both EPO and an aromatase inhibitor.

What are your thoughts on what the erging world’s reaction should be to this? Dan has been a prominent member of one of the top indoor rowing clubs for a number of years, and holds a number of middle to long distance erging world records. Is the use of performance enhancing drugs assumed to be illegal in indoor rowing competition, even though there is no governing body or official rules governing this (that I know of)? Should it be assumed that this was a one off use of PEDs and they didn’t influence any of his erging performances? Whatever the case it is a shame that someone many of us thought was a uniquely talented athlete was perhaps not the endurance monster we thought. At least the one time I raced him head to head in a 5k race I won (by about 2 seconds setting a new pb).


One Response to “Cycling for a change + official news”

  1. Dougie said

    It depends whether you assume once a cheat always a cheat. Indoor rowing doesn’t not have the formal testing, probably because it’s a very low budget sport and there’s no monetary prizes – it really is still an amateur sport. If we could afford to do it why shouldn’t there be random drug testing at BIRC, the European and the CRASH-Bs.

    Taking PEDs is cheating, regardless of the sporting context that the cheating occurs in. I think Andy Burrows put it well in his statement at

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