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A good interval session

Posted by thepeteplan on July 26, 2010

Isn’t it strange how one good or bad session can make or break for confidence of what sort of shape you’re in? Today’s was one of those sessions. These ‘inbetweeen’ sessions are always a hard one to judge – faster than 5k pace, but not as fast as 2k pace, therefore not a pace that we’d often train at. I really do find that mixing up the training gets me the best results with slower distance work, fast hard sprints, and everything inbetween. This was a session done by a couple of close rivals last week, so a good one to judge my current form on. I decided on a strong pacing plan with 4 solid reps, and a 5th flat out rep. The pacing plan was spot on, with all but the 4th rep exactly 0.1 under the target split.

5 x 3mins / 3r:
914m / 1:38.4 / 31
914m / 1:38.4 / 31
914m / 1:38.4 / 31
915m / 1:38.3 / 31
943m / 1:35.4 / 32

Average: 4602m = 1:37.7 / 31

And the session felt good from start to finish. The problem with training at lunchtime at work is cooling down afterwards though. I don’t mean the cool down in the gym (for which I did another short treadmill run, continuing the plan of running between 1km and 1mile after every gym erg session, and some stretching) – I mean physically lowering my body temperature so I stop sweating. I’m not sure this happened throughout the afternoon at work despite having the window open next to my desk, and the fan on my desk blowing all the time I was sitting there.

Erging must be one of the only sports where you look forward to cooler days (generally I prefer the long sunny days), and also where people don’t mind getting older to move up to the next age category for racing!

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