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Training and upcoming major competitions

Posted by thepeteplan on July 23, 2010

Lunchtime training at work:

30mins = 8040m / 1:52 / 24 + 1mile run

My schedule today only allowed for a fairly short lunchtime training session again, so I combined a steady erg piece with a short treadmill run again. Up to 1mile today (1.61km) on the running still building very slowly to have no effect on the erg training which takes priority. With August approaching for both myself, and many of the people I coach, it is time to transition the training looking towards the British championships in November, and the World championships in February. Watch out for some high performances by Pete Plan Coaching athletes at these competitions – I will try to give some insight into their training and prospects in blog entries leading up to those competitions. I can’t give too much detail of course as that might aid their competitors!

One Response to “Training and upcoming major competitions”

  1. Jason Hewitt said

    Dont be giving the competition to many secrets…….

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