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I considered having a day off….

Posted by thepeteplan on July 20, 2010

But I decided against it, and did two fairly short training sessions instead.

Session 1, 8am:

I have commented that I seem to have been struggling a bit with the training lately. Motivation is fine, and the training paces aren’t bad in general, I just seem to be missing a gear. So I’m training how I fancy training on the day at the moment and just waiting for that extra gear to reappear. This morning I did a bit of circuit training using a kettle bell, a couple of dumbbells, a step, a bosu ball, a swiss ball, and threw in some press ups and sit ups. I didn’t take note of what I did, but I had fun for about 25mins and was sweating a lot at the end. I then went to the pool for a few lengths to cool off before heading off to “work” for the day.

I say “work” as I then walked the mile or so around the airfield to the entrance for Farnborough airshow and spent the day there. A research day, and a day or lots of walking and a fair bit of time in the sun.

Session 2, 4.30pm:

I walked the mile back to the gym in the afternoon and started off with a slow and steady 30mins on the erg:

30mins = 7862m / 1:54.4 / 23

I then moved on to the treadmill. I am slowly incorporating some running into my training schedule by doing a short treadmill run after each erg session I do at the gym. For the past 2 weeks in every rowing session I’ve done in the gym I have done a short treadmill run afterwards, or between 1 and 1.5km. My aim is to build this very gradually so that it has no effect on the erg training at all. Previously when I’ve tried incorporating running into my training I’ll do either a few hard 5k’s, or one hard 10k, find it affects a few erg sessions after, and stop completely again. We will see how long this lasts….

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