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10k r24, negative split

Posted by thepeteplan on July 17, 2010

10k = 36:56.9 / 1:50.8 / 24
2k splits:
1:53.9 / 24
1:53.0 / 24
1:51.9 / 24
1:50.9 / 24
1:44.4 / 24 (6:57.6 last 2k)

I didn’t train on Friday as I woke up with a headache in the early hours of the morning, didn’t sleep too well after that, and still felt tired in the morning. On days like that I don’t take my gym kit when I go to work so that the temptation isn’t there to train later when I know it’s better to rest.

This morning I just put my erg out on the patio and went for a fairly low effort 10k. It felt good to I decided early in the row that rather than do a 1sec reduction in pace for each 2k I would try to push the final 2k to a sub7. From 2k to go it was flat paced at 1:44/1:45 right through to the end, which felt good and powerful at r24. All in all an enjoyable Saturday morning row.

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