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750m reps, and 2 x 30mins

Posted by thepeteplan on July 14, 2010


5 x 750m / 3:30 rest:
2:23.9 / 1:35.9 / 31
2:23.9 / 1:35.9 / 32
2:24.2 / 1:36.1 / 32
2:23.9 / 1:35.9 / 32
2:23.5 / 1:35.6 / 32


Late evening row as it was all I had time for, in the living room at 9.30pm!

8000m = 1:55 / 22


Again an after work row this time on the patio.

30mins = 8300m / 1:48.4 / 25

I seem to be struggling a bit at the moment. Not so much with motivation, but just with training generally feel hard. It is not surprising I guess when I look at the last 6 weeks or so. There was the 5k race and 100k tandem world record on the weekend of 22 / 23 May. This took a good week to 10 days to feel recovered from. Then there was the 2 week holiday in the US with a lack of normal training volume, 2 long haul flights, and the associated jetlag from the 8 hour time difference. Then in the 2 weeks I’ve been back it has been hot and humid, much more so than any time so far this year. Couple this with a busy that week at work that has forced training late in the day rather than my normal lunchtime slot, and all these factors together are bound to take a bit out of the training “zip”.

So my plan is just to tick along with the training until I get that zip back. I will try to do a 30min easy row as a minimum 6 days per week, and put in a harder session as and when I feel like doing one. If I can keep up 2 harder sessions each week I don’t think I will go backwards, and when I come out of the other end I’ll be flying again.

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