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Back to it – 8 x 500m

Posted by thepeteplan on July 5, 2010

What better session to start back with after 2 weeks on holiday having just arrived back in the country yesterday afternoon, with the associated jetlag from the 8 hour time difference, and tiredness from having to get up for work this morning, than an 8 x 500m. Also the first speed intervals session I’ve done in quite a while.

8 x 500m / 3:30 rest:
1:34.8 / 31
1:34.7 / 31
1:34.5 / 32
1:34.3 / 31
1:34.1 / 32
1:33.9 / 32
1:33.8 / 33
1:33.0 / 34

4000m = 12:33.1 / 1:34.1 / 32

(2k warm up, 4162m in the rest periods)

I was aided slightly by the fact that although jetlagged I am fairly well rested. If you ever have about £3.5k to spare I recommend flying back business class on the upper deck of a 747. With 10 people distributed among the 20 or so sleeping pods you can sleep as much as you want, helped by the unlimited supply of wine drunk with your meal first. And no I didn’t have £3.5k to spare, just managed to upgrade using air miles and the princely sum of £27.

Following the session I did with Zach about 10 days ago I didn’t train at all for a week. 3 days of that week was spent at Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. A great relaxing break staying in a hotel right on the beach. It was a bit of a drive down from Seattle, but driving down the coast is worth it anyway. Other than that the time was spent catching up with the extended in-law family and generally eating, drinking, and relaxing. I could do with a week more of the relaxing at home now before I had to come back to work really…

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