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Posted by thepeteplan on June 26, 2010

I went down to the Pocock rowing center in Seattle today to do a training session with Zach Ellison, a US National Team sculler who I know through the Concept2 UK forum. All I knew about the session before I turned up this afternoon was that is was a combination erg and weights session, Zach left it as a surprise what we were actually doing.

The workout consisted of a 10min warm up on the erg, a circuit routine of 15 exercises done back to back, some power erg work, then finally finishing off with some dyno supersets. It was a tough workout overall, and I think I’ll know about it tomorrow morning. The full workout details were:

10min erg warm up (low to mid 1:50’s), then the 15 exercise circuit:

400m erg r22 (done flat out at this rate)

21 reps deadlift

21 burpees

21 sit ups

300m erg r24 (flat out)

18 thrusters (pretty much power clean and press)

18 push ups

200m r26 (flat out)

15 dead lifts

15 dumbbell swings (kind of a dynamic dumbbell clean)

15 box jumps

150m erg r24 (flat out)

12 reps deadlift

12 push press (I can’t remember the difference between this and the thrusters…)

12 each leg explosive step ups

Then back to the erg for:

10 sets of 10reps of max power strokes at r26 with 20strokes easy between. These were around 1:35 to 1:38 in general.

Then finally onto the dyno for 2 sets of 10 then 4 sets of 20 supersetting the leg push and arm pull exercises, all reps max effort.

All in all the entire workout was somewhere around 90mins long, and pretty intense all the way through. We both certainly did a good bit of sweating! It was a great experience to get a little insight into the training routines of professional national team rowers. This was session 3 of 4 today for Zach, having already done a water workout then an erg workout this morning. A big volume of training requiring a big volume of calories taken in I’m sure, and the sort of commitment to training that many of us would find it hard to commit to I’m sure, even if we had the natural ability either to training that much, or achieve the level of results that warrant that level of training.

Another learning experience on the sceptacism of over training in erg only athletes who train for under an hour a day….


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