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40mins and Seattle

Posted by thepeteplan on June 21, 2010

I only did an easy 40mins today on the erg:

40mins = 10500m / 1:54.9 / 21

10min splits:

1:57.2 / 20, 1:56.9 / 20, 1:53.8 / 22, 1:51.5 / 24

 This was due to doing too much on my “day off” yesterday. I decided to start with a short run on the treadmill at the gym. When I’ve not run for a fair time, which is the case at the moment, I know it can give me bad DOMS the next day so I was sensible and just did a pretty slow 5k (23mins or so). That was fine, but then finished up my short session at the gym with some swiss ball squats, again something I’ve not done for ages. I should do these more often, they are such a great quad and core session. Standing on the swiss ball is a great core exercise anyway, but squatting on it really fires every muscle in your upper legs and core to stay balanced. I then cooled down with about 15mins of lengths in the pool.

The DOMS have been pretty bad all day in my quads, partly in my hamstrings, and throughout my abs, obliques and lower back – therefore definitely a great core exercise. I’ve never felt DOMS in my obliques like this before, and it’s definitely my weakest area, so I will do more of those.

I’m off work now for 2 weeks and heading out to Seattle on Wednesday for 10days. It looks like I might be able to get in some training with Zach Ellison on Friday. Zach is currently training in Seattle at the Pocock rowing center on their elite program (I believe), and is striving to represent the US at the Olympics. He’s recently done a 5:56 for 2k, and is currently in better form than that. It would be great to be able to meet Zach and better still do a bit of training together. Other than that I have a guest pass sorted out for the local Y gym so will be able to train whenever I get the time and desire, so I don’t plan on losing any fitness during my break.

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