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2k time again….

Posted by thepeteplan on June 19, 2010

It is just over a week since I did a 2k in the gym with the aim to do them fairly regularly in training, slightly faster each time, and make the 2000m single distance just another training piece. On Friday 11th I did a 6:27.0 with a fairly constant 1:37.5 pace pushing a bit faster in the final 500m. The aim today was to go a little harder at the start, still cruise through the middle at 1:37.5 (6:30 pace for 2k), and then push a bit harder than last time in the final 500m.

Warm up: 2000m = 7:25.5 / 1:51.3 / 23

2000m = 6:25.3 / 1:36.3 / 31
500m splits:
1:36.3 / 31
1:37.4 / 31
1:37.1 / 30
1:34.5 / 33

Cool down: 2000m = 8:00.1 / 2:00.0 / 21

The note I wrote in my paper training diary is “Need to warm up more next time!!”, which as I push the pace on these more is definitely going to be needed. It’s amazing how alien it can feel going just a bit faster than the paces you’ve been training at (eg lots of middle distance interval work at 1:40 pace), and really goes to show that you get what you train for – or rather you don’t get what you don’t train for. Without doing any speed work you can’t expect to be able to row a fast 2k – or again conversely if you can row a pretty good 2k with no speed work then you can expect to take a fair bit off the time when you do some proper speed work to transition to 2k training.

What I’d like to do is carry on doing regular 2k’s hopefully peaking with a sub 6:20 before I start any speed work in the run up to BIRC. With a proper warm up on the right day I’m sure I have a sub 6:20 in me now as although I can’t say this 6:25 felt easy, it felt more like the penultimate rep of an  interval session type effort.

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