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CTC – the result

Posted by thepeteplan on June 17, 2010

With 6 days to go until I go on holiday I decided today would be my final attempt at this month’s CTC challenge. With a 1:41.5 pace to improve on I would never normally go for such a big jump in pace on an interval session, but I had Jason Hewitt’s 7499m / 1:40.0 as my target to beat. The only way to attempt this was to take it one rep at a time and go for 1500m exactly on reps 1 to 4, then 1501m+ on the final rep. I didn’t have the confidence I could beat Jason’s score, but this lack of confidence isn’t the same killer in an interval session as it is in a single piece as you can just take it one rep at a time.

The scores:

4 x 5mins / 2min rest:

1500m / 1:40.0 / 31

1500m / 1:40.0 / 30

1500m / 1:40.0 / 30

1500m / 1:40.0 / 30

1504m / 1:39.7 / 30

Total: 7508m / 1:39.8 / 30

It seems odd to me as well that the average on the PM3 credited me with 4m more than the total of the rep metres. I know the two don’t always add up as the average takes into account tenths of metres on the reps (I assume?) too, but 4m seems a big difference. Before I enter a score into the CTC site I will take a consensus on whether I should enter 7508m as the total the PM3 gave me (I took a photo of the monitor too), or 7504m as the total of the reps – any opinions?

This session was tough! I deliberately rated up a little on my last attempt as I knew it was the only way I could sustain this pace with the short rests. Rep 1 felt hard, but the first rep always does (I warmed up for 5mins before). Rep 2 was a little better, but still tough. Through rep 3 I wasn’t confident of being able to complete the session at pace, but I knew I could complete that rep on target, and that’s all that mattered at the time. Rep 4 felt pretty much red lined and maximal, I really didn’t think I’d be able to get rep 5 on target. The first 4 reps I paced constantly at 1:40 from start to finish. The final rep I paced differently because I really didn’t have the confidence I could get it on target. I started with 5 harder strokes, then settled to 1:41’s and a few 1:42’s, and got to 2mins to go on 1:41.0. I slowly neg split from there watching the projected metres creep from 1490 up to 1496 and finally seeing 1500 as I increased pace. With a harder last 20seconds, knowing I had made my target, I finished with the 1504m. I unstrapped my feet, and lay on the floor by the erg for a couple of minutes trying to get my breathing back under control.

I have no plans to do this again!


4 Responses to “CTC – the result”

  1. Neil Gallagher said

    Truly you are an inspiration Pete. I’m (not) looking forward to trying the CTC next week.

    I wonder if the PM3 recorded the first 4 reps as 1501m when it came to calculating the total? Perhaps I should get the PM3 to calculate my VAT returns…

  2. thepeteplan said

    Thanks for the comment Neil – one thing I can say, about 7 hours after finishing the session, is that I am still pretty knackered!

    I do believe that the PM calculates to a greater accuracy for the averages it gives, and so each rep was actually a few tenths more than the distance shown. I was certainly pretty careful to be at the top end of 1500m for the first 4 reps to make sure none dropped to 1499m on the final stroke – I didn’t want any metres to make up on the final rep! As for using it to calculate your VAT, it would surely over estimate the amount you need to pay?

  3. Neil Gallagher said

    That sounds plausible Pete – in which case you can enter 7508m with a clear conscience. Re VAT returns – I’d use the rep calculations for the income figure and the total average for the expenditure! Pretty sure BT must use a PM3 for working out their invoices this way!

  4. Rizzio said

    Great description of this session, Pete. It’s nice to know that what I’m suffering when I row my Pete Plan 5x1500m is, even at my 1:52.7 pace, very much the same as what you’re feeling at 1:40 pace…

    Keep up the good work!

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