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Posted by thepeteplan on June 17, 2010

Generally I am methodical in setting myself a target pace for an interval session, even when it is a challenge session that I want to do as fast as possible. This month’s Cross Team Challenge ( is a 5 x 5mins / 2min rest interval session. A standard interval session I have done a lot in the past is the Pete Plan 5 x 5mins / 5min rest. When in pretty good shape I tend to pace that session at 1:39.9 for the first 4 reps, and then have a little left over to go faster in the final rep. In comparison to this my current score of 1:41.5 for the CTC challenge, with only 40% of the rest period, is a reasonable score.

With less than a week before I go away on holiday I don’t have many days left to better this, and a close rival of mine, Jason Hewitt, has set the bar high with a 1:40.0 average for 7499m, meaning an improvement of 111m over the 5 reps to beat him. This is a really tough ask, and not a jump I would normally attempt of 1.5seconds in pace across an interval session. The one thing I have in my favour is that I did the same session but with 4 reps in October last year, and managed all reps at 1:39.8, so I do have form to get through to the final rep.

The problem is, I don’t really believe I can achieve all 5 reps at an average pace under 1:40. If this was a single piece challenge that lack of self belief would mean there was no real way I could achieve it. Interval training (or racing I guess in this case) is a little different. I can take it one rep at a time, for the first 4 aiming for 1:39.9 / 1:40.0, and just concentrate on that one rep forgetting the rest of the session. If I try and fail I will know I put myself in the best position to achieve it if it is physically possible. If I don’t try I will just never know.

So today’s session will be 5 x 5mins / 2min rest, and I will be taking it one rep at a time aiming for 1500m on each, and a 1501m+ final rep. Whether I achieve it or not it won’t be fun, and it will hurt. Wish me luck.

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