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2k – it has to be done (occasionally)

Posted by thepeteplan on June 11, 2010

Most erg athletes avoid doing a 2k test whenever possible. Many water rowers avoid the erg in general whenever possible. Yet we’re all tested, to some extent, by our 2k times. If I want to get back to my best times over 2000m during the next racing season then I need to get myself used to rowing 2k again, and I need to start a long way out from the racing season. Today was that start.

I set the session up as a 3 x 2k with a short rest between so that I have a set warm up and cool down piece for consistency (I set the 2k pieces individually so I could get splits, it wasn’t set as an interval session). For the fast 2k I aimed to do 5 hard strokes, then flat pace it at 6:30 pace (1:37.5) until about 200m to go then speed up to the end.

2k = 7:27.2 / 1:51.8 / 24 (w/u)

2k = 6:27.0 / 1:36.7 / 30
500m splits:
1:36.9 / 31
1:37.5 / 30
1:37.3 / 30
1:35.4 / 31

2k = 7:42.1 / 1:55.5 / 22

It went right to plan. 6:30 pace is sub-maximal enough that it’s not a mental struggle to hold the pace constant before a short sprint finish. This is a good marker in the sand to work gradually faster from over the next few months.

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