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Recovery session and 2 weeks to race

Posted by thepeteplan on May 8, 2010

I needed a proper recovery row today:

10k = 38:18.6 / 1:54.9 / 22

A nice and steady, pretty easy and enjoyable row.

With two weeks to go until the second Farnborough 5k indoor rowing competition, and entries officially closing on Monday, we currently have 55 confirmed and paid for entries. This is up on last year which is great, and getting fairly close to capacity for the number of racing machine we are planning to use. Once entries close on Monday I will draft out the race timetable and publish it. Following that I will still accept entries until we’re at full capacity and people will fit into their respective race category where there are spaces, an earlier race if there aren’t, or race in an additional race at the beginning of the day otherwise. I can’t allow late entries to race later than their respective categories as it’s not fair for them to know the time to beat.

It is set up to be a great day of racing, and should be a lot of fun. If you’re in the area and want to come to spectate you will be very welcome, either on the Saturday for the 5k racing, or the Sunday for the 3 head to head 100k pairs world record attempts.

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Back to the Danish plan

Posted by thepeteplan on May 7, 2010

It was time to get back to the Danish intervals today in preparation for the Farnborough 5k. I made a slight change from 750’s to 2min30 reps as I was doing them with a colleague at work for his first taste of interval training on the erg, I wonder if he’ll be back for more?

12 x 2:30 / 2:30 rest:
751m / 1:39.8 / 30
751m / 1:39.8 / 30
751m / 1:39.8 / 30
751m / 1:39.8 / 30
751m / 1:39.8 / 30
751m / 1:39.8 / 30
752m / 1:39.7 / 30
752m / 1:39.7 / 30
752m / 1:39.7 / 30
752m / 1:39.7 / 30
752m / 1:39.7 / 30
786m / 1:35.4 / 32

30:00.0 = 9059m / 1:39.3 / 30

The aim was 751m (as 750m would have been 1:40.0, and you have to break the 10second barriers, right?) for all but the last rep, but when number 7 came out at 752m I couldn’t go back of course. Then a faster last rep as always. Still some pace in there I think, and looking good for going at least as fast as the 5k from last year’s Farnborough 5k (16:58). The decision over the next two weeks is whether to hold off in the 5k at all with the 100k the following day. With 12 people currently entered in the 30-39 category with me, and a few of which will be around or under 17mins, I don’t think I’ll be able to. For psychological reasons I will aim to break 17mins whatever, and the rest will depend on the competition.

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Another 5,4,3,2,1

Posted by thepeteplan on May 5, 2010

Only in 1000’s rather than 100’s this time:

5k = 18:39.7 / 1:51.9 / 23
5min rest
4k = 14:47.7 / 1:50.9 / 24
4min rest
3k = 10:59.0 / 1:49.8 / 25
3min rest
2k = 7:15.6 / 1:48.9 / 25
2min rest
1k = 3:35.7 / 1:47.8 / 24

15000m = 55:17.7 / 1:50.4 / 24

Just breaking up the steady distance piece in order to do a little further than I would have done in a single piece. Then eat lunch, then back to my desk – what better way to spend your lunch “hour”?

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CTC – a target for the sprinters

Posted by thepeteplan on May 4, 2010

The discussion around this month’s cross team challenge seems to be that most people are going far too cautiously into their initial attempts. I thought I’d set a proper target for the sprint interval kings to have a go at when they try it properly.

130 drag, 2500m warm up

500m = 1:27.8 / 40
400m = 1:10.4 / 1:28.0 / 38
300m = 52.7 / 1:27.8 / 39
200m = 34.1 / 1:25.2 / 42
100m = 16.5 / 1:22.5 / 44

1500m = 4:21.5 / 1:27.1 / 40

A higher drag may well have yielded a faster overall time. It gets tough mentally on the 300m, and I really think I should have gone a bit faster there as the 200 and 100 come and go very quickly. This should be a fairly strong target for the sprinters to chase though, but the true sprint interval kings (NavHaz) won’t have any trouble going faster.

I’m not sure I will bother doing it again this month. Even with the HM in my legs from yesterday I don’t think I could go significantly faster on another day.

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Half marathon + Farnborough IRC

Posted by thepeteplan on May 3, 2010

With less than 3 weeks to go to the tandem 100k world record attempt I thought I’d better put some metres in, so set a half marathon.

21097m = 1hr16m17.5s / 1:48.4 / 26

2500m splits:
1:48.6 / 26
1:48.4 / 26
1:48.4 / 26
1:48.5 / 26
1:48.7 / 26
1:48.5 / 26
1:48.7 / 26
1:48.4 / 26
1:46.8 / 27 (last 1097m)

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those, so not a bad pace really. It wasn’t overly hard physically during, but pretty tired after having not rowed over 45mins many times in the last few months.

Also there is about a week now to the close of entries for the Farnborough 5k competition. The entries are looking good with similar numbers to last year so far, and it looks like lots of good close races in many categories. Get your entry from from the Farnborough 5k tab above and get your entry in quick if you haven’t entered yet.

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Rowpro 30mins

Posted by thepeteplan on May 1, 2010

I was about to head out to the gym but luckily looked on rowpro to see there was a full house building for a 30min session setting off about a half hour later. Lots of the big rowpro names like Doug, Tinpusher and Raoul, so how can you refuse? Plan was a 1:50 start then gradual negative split.

Doug went off hard then backed off to a steady 1:50. Bjorn and Dave C went off at a hard 1:46 / 1:47 pace and looked like maintaining it. I can never resist racing these things in the end, especially when I plan on a negative split plan anyway. It’s much more fun trying to reel people in than just going at a fast steady pace. I passed Doug somewhere in the second 5min segment I think, leaving Bjorn and Dave C some way ahead. Coming to half way they were around +40m (Bjorn) and +30m (Dave) ahead, and I was up to 1:47’s now to maintaining the gap. Inside the last 10mins I caught and passed Dave, but Bjorn wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

I knew I had a fair bit left, but had no idea what Bjorn had in hand. I hoped that when I stepped the pace up at 5mins to go that Bjorn wouldn’t, but as I pushed to 1:45’s Bjorn was on 1:44’s. This was going to be a hard fight. I planned to hold steady from here to 2mins to go, then step straight up to 1:40’s. Bjorn was up to 1:43’s, but I wanted the big pace change to try to break him. Up to 1:40’s and he was still pushing out 1:42’s and 1:43’s, and still around 20m up! We both gradually pushed the pace down into the final minute. Coming towards 30sec to go and both now pulling 1:35 or just under and Bjorn still has a 10m lead. Only one thing for it, sprint flat out from 30sec and see what’s there! 1:23’s down the line finishing with a 1:24 final stroke was just enough to pull out to a massive 1m lead at the finish! It might have looked like the perfectly timed sprint finish, but it was simply giving everything I could in the final 150m hoping to overhaul as much of the lead as possible.

30mins = 8428m / 1:46.7 / 26
5min splits:
1:49.4 / 25
1:48.5 / 25
1:47.9 / 25
1:46.9 / 26
1:46.6 / 26
1:41.4 / 29

A fun row, and it always feels good to kill the end of a middle distance row and watch the average split drop stroke by stroke.

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