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2 days off

Posted by thepeteplan on May 30, 2010

I think I found my physical limits with the 100k a week ago. I would say it has taken a week to fully recover, but that would imply I am fully recovered. From speaking with the others who did the 100k challenges it seems most people have felt the post challenge fatigue in one way or another this week, which is reassuring. I felt good from Tuesday onwards, but the harder 10k on Friday pushed the fatigue into a cold over the weekend, and so the two days off were needed. I will train easy tomorrow to ease back into normal training again, and am highly motivated to get back into it. If motivation isn’t hit after a substantial race or challenge that is always a good thing, as I know a lot of people suffer motivationally with picking their next target to aim for.

One Response to “2 days off”

  1. Rizzio said

    Not surprised it’s taken you a little while to recover after that mammoth effort, Pete! It was a world record, after all…Belated congratulations.

    Glad the motivation is all pepped up, too. I’m enjoying following the PP – and reading about how the man behind it is progressing, too.

    Best, Michael

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