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10k and 250m sprint

Posted by thepeteplan on May 11, 2010

Due to work pressures yesterday I took a rest day. This was good timing as I didn’t really feel the energy or zip in my rowing on Sunday, so a rest day was obviously in order. It worked well, and I felt much fitter and stronger today on a moderate 10k with a fast finish.

10k = 35:31.4 / 1:46.5 / 26
2k splits:
1:48.2 / 26
1:47.7 / 26
1:47.0 / 26
1:47.1 / 26
1:42.5 / 28

I know I’m feeling good on a middle distance piece when it’s before the half way point that I start to think about when I’m going to push for the line. At 2k to go I stepped up to 1:45’s, then gradually brought the pace down over the final 2k. I didn’t sprint at the end as I had my c-breeze on, and if the power isn’t applied smoothly it can occasionally become dislodged. I wanted to see what would have been left for a proper sprint finish, so I removed the c-breeze, nudged the drag up to 140, and set a 250m piece:

250m = 39.7 / 1:19.4 / 50spm
(1:18.5, 1:19.0, 1:22.0)

A proper sprint, but I was aware on the 10k in my legs when the final 100m rolled around!

10 days now until the Farnborough 5k, and the full race timetable has now been sent out to competitors. I had hoped to be in around 16:40 shape by this point so that I could row a little within myself and still set the fastest time of the day. As it is at least 4 of the 6 people in the final race of the day are capable of sub 17mins, and I don’t think I’m currently in shape to dip under by more than a second or two. It’s going to be a hard heat to win now, but I’m not one to back out of giving it all I can on the day to go for the win. There are a lot of races like that through the day, with many heats only seperated by a few seconds, so hopefully that will push a lot of people on to fast times.

As well as winner’s trophies for the fastest person in each category there are also two prizes up for grabs for the fastest man and woman of the day of a free night’s stay in any Village hotel.

Then the Sunday after the race is the day of the 100k pairs World Record attempts. Most of the people involved in those record attempts are “getting together” for a telephone conference tomorrow afternoon to discuss the various strategy aspects of an ultra distance record attempt of this type – this should be an interesting discussion, and I will be able to blog some more details tomorrow.

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