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Farnborough 5k provisional timetable

Posted by thepeteplan on May 10, 2010

Provisional race timetables for the Farnborough 5k on Saturday 22nd May. Please email me at

asap if you see any errors or omissions.

Richard Davey 40H 1030
Glenn Horton 40H 1030
Moray Smith 40H 1030
Gary Loyden 40L 1030
Ian Howse 30H 1030
Ian Beston 30H 1030

Andrew Stanway 40H 1100
Keith Vallis 40H 1100
David Taylor 40H 1100
Trevor Vass 50H 1100
Chris Hore 60L 1100
John Chambers 60L 1100

Jon Goodall 30H 1130
Graham Lay 30H 1130
Shaw Goodwin 40H 1130
Mark Phillips 40H 1130
Chris Roberts 40H 1130
Spencer Sheppard 40H 1130

Keith Hiley 50L 1215
Peter Tullett 50L 1215
Terry Harkin 50L 1215
Joe Keating 60L 1215
Michael Brownjohn 60L 1215
Alan Gilmour 60L 1215

Charles Morley 70H 1245
Sue Phillips W40L 1245
Jane Daffern W40H 1245
Christine Goodwin W40H 1245
Helen Haggerty W40H 1245
Susan Young W40H 1245

Jen Howse W30H 1315
Jo Andrews W40H 1315
Anna Bailey W50H 1315
Carol Woodward W50L 1315
Georgina Price W50H 1315
Marjorie Roome W50H 1315

James Stapleton 30H 1400
Barry Greig 30H 1400
Adam Jones 30H 1400
Aiden McNeill 30L 1400
Kris Kuzniar 30L 1400
Rod Chinn 40H 1400

Roger Bangay 70H 1430
Mike Wrenn 60H 1430
David Plumb 40L 1430
Dougie Lawson 40L 1430
Iain Greenwood 40L 1430

Al Treacy 40H 1500
Paul Winton 40H 1500
Mark Bauld 30H 1500
Derek Powles 30H 1500
Jef Hutchby 40L 1500
John Wilson 40L 1500

Pete Marston 30H 1545
David Blanksby 30H 1545
Casey Clarke 30H 1545
Richard Cheeseman 50H 1545
Gary Curtis 40H 1545
Warren Matthews 40H 1545

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