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CTC – a target for the sprinters

Posted by thepeteplan on May 4, 2010

The discussion around this month’s cross team challenge seems to be that most people are going far too cautiously into their initial attempts. I thought I’d set a proper target for the sprint interval kings to have a go at when they try it properly.

130 drag, 2500m warm up

500m = 1:27.8 / 40
400m = 1:10.4 / 1:28.0 / 38
300m = 52.7 / 1:27.8 / 39
200m = 34.1 / 1:25.2 / 42
100m = 16.5 / 1:22.5 / 44

1500m = 4:21.5 / 1:27.1 / 40

A higher drag may well have yielded a faster overall time. It gets tough mentally on the 300m, and I really think I should have gone a bit faster there as the 200 and 100 come and go very quickly. This should be a fairly strong target for the sprinters to chase though, but the true sprint interval kings (NavHaz) won’t have any trouble going faster.

I’m not sure I will bother doing it again this month. Even with the HM in my legs from yesterday I don’t think I could go significantly faster on another day.


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  1. thepeteplan said

    90seconds rest between work reps –

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