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Outdoor training and 100k thoughts

Posted by thepeteplan on April 10, 2010

With spring being here (for this weekend at least) I moved my erg from the garage to the patio for today’s steady distance training. Training outdoors is great, but it does have issues. I always make sure the erg is in the shade, because even in April the direct sun is enough to slow you down significantly. I always try to get the erg on as level ground as possible. I didn’t do very well at this today and was slightly “left hand down”, which resulted in more than half of my weight being on my left bum cheek – not ideal for longer training. The other main issue, which is just something to accept rather than being a problem particularly, is that wind causes a fluctuation is drag. As long as you don’t chase the split (which will vary as the wind varies during the stroke) it has a neutral net effect in the end, I believe.

15000m = 1:52.0 / 24spm

A steady distance piece at the lower end of pacing for the 100k. We now have three teams for the 100k – a 30’s mixed team (myself and Jen Howse), a 40’s mixed team (Jo Andrews and Steve Smith), and a 60’s male team (the current world record holders Joe and Gerry Keating). Jo and Steve are both people I’ve been coaching for some time, so I know their capabilities well, and know that they will do well at this challenge. Joe and Gerry are experienced having done this before, and Joe does a lot of endurance rowing. Jen also has done at least two solo 100k’s before, so really I am the unknown link when it comes to this type of endurance rowing.

I had some great advice on training and nutrition from Tim Male. Unfortunately I have a week away with work between now and the 100k (on Sunday 23rd May), which really impacts training ideally for it, and I have the Farnborough 5k race the day before. During my week away working I’m not sure what gym access I might have, so I can’t plan how to approach that week. I hope to at least run during the week to ensure no CV fitness loss, but it really stops me implementing many of Tim’s suggestions. Also I really want to carry on the focus on the 5k and 6k, and so will approach the 100k from the angle that if I’m still in good 5k shape in 6 weeks time then the pace of the 100k is that much sub maximal that I will get through the majority of the distance before it gets tough. I’m not taking it too lightly, but I really do feel that the current record pace is a good distance below our potential, so it’s a matter of how ambitious we are at lowering the record, not whether we achieve it. Time will tell whether I’m right.

One Response to “Outdoor training and 100k thoughts”

  1. Tom Jarvis said

    Hi Pete,

    Good luck with the 100k.

    Jen’s got a WR for 100k BTW.

    Individual Women 30-39 Heavyweight Jen Howse, Stockton-on-Tees, Great Britain December 26, 2009 7:27:26.4


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