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100km world record training

Posted by thepeteplan on April 5, 2010

As I mentioned in my last blog entry Jen Howse and I will be making at attempt to beat the mixed tandem 100km world record on Sunday 23rd May. The record attempt will be taking place in the Velocity gym in the Village Hotel in Farnborough (Hampshire). I will try to put in a few specific training sessions over the next month to simulate the effort level that will be involved, but I don’t plan on erging for anywhere near the duration we will be doing on the record attempt itself. The current record stands at a little over 6hours33, and we will be aiming to put it under 6hours30 (1:57 pace). 1:57 pace might sound pretty slow, but we need to average that pace for 6 and a half hours, including changing over on a single concept2 rowing machine so it’s not a target we are taking lightly.

Our current plan is to row 5min segments for the majority of it. Respective paces of 1:52 and 2:02 would be enough for the record, but in preparation I will aim to row at 1:50 pace to give a bit of leeway. I did the first simulation type session yesterday, only a short one, with 40mins split into 5min segments of 1:50 pace and recovery rowing rather than rest between:

40mins = 10212m / 1:57.5 / 22spm

All of the “at pace” reps were 1:50 / 25spm, with the slow one ranging from 2:01 to 2:14 for one where I got off the machine and stretched a little.

Saturday I also did just a slow 40min row, but steady pace and rate throughout this time:

40mins = 10458m / 1:54.9 / 22

I was feeling lacking in energy and generally tired during both sessions, despite them being slow and easy pace. This is clearly a consequence of doing 2 hard sessions on Friday, and therefore I am having an enforced day of complete rest today.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for me in the 100k record attempt will be what and when to eat and drink to keep my energy levels up throughout the 6 1/2 hours or rowing. Doing “small team” 100k rows is very different as in a team of 10 you get much longer rests, and row for much less cumulative time. 3.25 hour of total rowing time over a 6.5 hour period, with only 5mins at a time to eat or drink anything need some more thought….

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