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C2 challenge series – 16min19sec

Posted by thepeteplan on March 7, 2010

This month is the final round of the Concept2 challenge series, and the final challenge is a single timed piece of 16minutes and 19seconds (the boat race record time I believe). After the poor month I had in December with work travel and illness I have been sitting in 4th place in the 30+ challenge series table, and so this month is all about consolidating that position and showing myself how much progress I have made in the past 3 months. In December that best 5k I could manage was a 17:47, just barely scraping under 1:47 pace.

How’s how it went:
16min19sec in 2min splits:
1:41.3 / 29
1:41.8 / 28
1:42.0 / 28
1:42.0 / 28
1:42.2 / 29
1:42.5 / 28
1:42.3 / 28
1:41.3 / 29
1:36.9 / 32 (last 19sec)

16m19s = 4804m / 1:41.8 / 28

It’s amazing how much of erging performance is mental. If you really convince yourself (with good reason) that you can do something then you have much more chance of achieving it. As I’d done the 2962m CTC at sub 1:40 I knew that there was no excuse not sticking to target for the first 10mins – same time, 2sec slower pace. So that got me through to 6min19 to go, under 1:42.0 average. From there is was just a matter of getting through the next 4mins to the final 2mins, which is why the split dropped a little during that 4min piece as I was just concentrating on keeping the average on 1:42.0 and getting to 2min to go. This was really the only point it was mentally tough. Coming to 2mins to go I knew the sub 1:42 average was there and just hovered the predicted distance right on 4800m until the last 30sec or so before pulling a bit harder to gain a few more metres.

A great row overall. Whether I do it again later in the month will mainly depend on whether there is any hope of moving up from the fairly solid 4th position I’ve been sitting in for the past few months. If there is no chance I may not bother going again later in the month.

I then finished off with a few weights, all with a barbell and 30kg on the bar – cleans, barbell rows, squats and bench press, 3 sets of 8 reps for each except the bench press which was 3 sets of 12.

Yesterday was a 10k, 36:28.0 / 1:49.4 / 24.


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