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A final 2500m attempt

Posted by thepeteplan on February 28, 2010


A nice easy 10k recovery type row.

10k = 37:38.4 / 1:52.9 / 23
2k splits:
1:55.0 / 22
1:53.9 / 23
1:52.9 / 24
1:51.9 / 24
1:50.7 / 24

I thought I’d have a final go at the 2500m c2 challenge series today with a different pacing plan. Rather than sit on 1:40’s and speed up towards the end I decided to try a more pyramid style of pacing, holding the pace faster off the start and settling to 1:40’s a little later in the middle, before then pulling the pace back towards the end.

Here’s how it went, 2500m in 500m splits:

1:36.5 / 33
1:40.0 / 31
1:39.3 / 30
1:39.0 / 30
1:35.7 / 32

2500m = 8:10.4 / 1:38.0 / 31

So it kind of worked, except the final time was 0.5seconds slower than Friday. For some reason I thought I was a long way off when I came to about 600m to go so didn’t commit to pushing hard in the final 500m, despite the fact I was still about 0.8sec up at the 500m to go point on from Friday’s effort. Oh well, I wouldn’t have beaten it by more than a few tenths anyway. It’s all good 5k / 6k training to do consistent 2500m pieces a couple of seconds under the pace I want to do 5000m in a few months time.

I started integrating some weight training into my routine in the past couple of weeks too, which is part of the reason some of my sessions have been a little slower. This is thinking longer term, so a short term impact to erg performance while my body gets used to the extra training effect will have to be accepted. At the moment I’m doing a range of compound moves every 4 or 5 days, and not too heavy to begin with. Today was:

Cleans: bar + 30kg, 2sets of 8

Barbell rows: bar + 30kg, 2sets of 8

Squats: bar + 30kg, 2sets of 8

Bench press: bar + 30kg, 2sets of 15

Bicep curls: 14kg dumbbells, 2sets of 8

Tricep pull downs: 20kg, 2sets of 8

I’m keeping the weight training fairly simple, and fairly quick by keeping the weight the same for many of the exercises to begin with.

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