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2500m C2 challenge and pimped ergs

Posted by thepeteplan on February 26, 2010

I’ll start off with a pimped erg, blog my training for today, and then finish off with another pimped erg with some explanation why I am posting the pictures.

Today’s training was a second go at the concept2 challenge series which is 2500m for this month. I’ve had a bit of a cold for the past few days so took a rest day on Wednesday, an easy day yesterday, and then decided to just do this today but at a much more conservative pacing plan than I really think I can do.

2500m in 500m splits:
1:38.5 / 31
1:39.9 / 29
1:39.1 / 30
1:38.2 / 31
1:34.4 / 33

2500m = 8:09.9 / 1:37.9 / 30

I did 5 hard strokes (peaking at 1:24), settled for 5 strokes, then from 100m in just pulled 1:40’s for the first 1000m. This felt good, I got to 1500m to go and could then just treat it like the last 1500m rep of an interval session. 1:39’s for 500, then 1:38’s for 500m, then looking to firstly beat DCs time (one of the guys I coach), and secondly get under 8:10. Both achieved with a strong finish, but I finished still pulling 1:29’s, and only really having just got into it.

I find there are just two choices, attack hard or cruise. The 1:38’s steady that I tried to go at last time were an inbetween pace for me, not hard enough to be attacking, but not slow enough to cruise – does that make sense to anyone? I still think I should be able to go 2sec faster pace than this (and will need to now that Tim Male and others have submitted much faster times), but in order to do so I need to attack it at a higher rating from the start. At least I’ve got a time on the board now that I’m happy with, so if I do try again on Sunday I can afford to risk it a little more.

These ergs have been pimped by motocross riders in the US. It seems that erg training has become pretty big for US motocross riders in their physical training, and some of the riders have been training with the Pete Plan!

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