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2500m challenge series, explosion

Posted by thepeteplan on February 22, 2010

As I said in my blog yesterday, I needed to get a score on the board for this month’s C2 challenge series 2500m. As I didn’t have much time for training today I thought it was a good opportunity, despite not having slept well last night, or feeling too good today for some reason.

I convinced myself that my plan of 1:38’s for 2000m then a fast last 500 was well within myself, as it’s 2sec slower than Boston cruise pace, and only a second or so faster than 5k pb pace (ok, I ommited the fact that I can’t do that at the moment from my mental discussion). Anyway….

2000m warm up = 7:23.5 / 1:50.8 / 24

2500m in 500m splits:
1:37.9 / 31
1:38.0 / 30
1:38.1 / 30
1:41.1 / 29
1:39.5 / 30

2500m = 8:14.5 / 1:38.9 / 30

It felt like a good cruise for the first 1000m. By half way though my belly was churning and I thought it was going to explode (any more details would be TMI). I thought about stopping and leaving it for another day, but Jo’s blogs of the past two days made me decide the better plan was to slow down and limp in rather than stop and have to start from scratch again. I’m not sure what’s up with my belly but I hope it’s gone tomorrow!

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