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45mins steady + 5k plans

Posted by thepeteplan on February 21, 2010

45mins = 12024m / 1:52.3 / 23

A constant pace and rate throughout.

As I said in a recent entry I am changing my focus for a while to the 5k and 6k, which will work well with my Farnborough 5k competition coming up in 13weeks time. My plan is to focus on that longer term goal of the sub 20mins for 6k (1:40 pace), with hopefully Farnborough being an intermediate point with a 5k around that pace.

Once per week I will go through the short rep / short rest intervals from my 5k plan:
12 x 500, 10 x 600, 8 x 750, 6 x 1k – all with 1min rest between reps
I will work through this rotation going faster and faster for each session as I do it again.

Once per week I will do a longer interval session with 4 reps in the region of 5 to 7mins (1500 to 2k or so), working these down to 1:40 pace too.

Every 2 weeks or so I plan to do a restricted 2k, either restricted by stroke rate, or by a certain pacing plan. This is something I want to do in order to get used to doing 2ks as a regular workout piece. Eventually I’d like to get back to what I used to be able to do, which was a sub 6:20 for 2k as a normal gym workout, with other work after it. Alternating with this I will do a 6000m piece slowly working the pace down from the piece I did last week.

Between these tougher workouts I will do steady distance work of between 35 and 75mins (10k to HM), generally in the range 22-24spm, so around 1:50 to 1:52.5 pace, though occasionally I will push some of the distance pieces harder.

The one other piece I will put in this week is a 2500m for the C2 challenge series. My aim for this is to row the majority of the first 2000m at 1:38.0 (after a fast few strokes to start), then push in the final 500m to try to end under 1:37.5 average. The 1:38 should be ok as it’s 2sec slower pace than my Boston cruise pace. The 5k / 6k training will then serve me well for the final round of the challenge series next month which I believe is a 16m19 piece. I want to get myself in a position on the 2500m where I have a chance of moving into 3rd overall in the final round. I’m playing catch up having had a very slow round in December when I was away a lot and ill, only being able to row a 1:47 pace for 5k.

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