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Posted by thepeteplan on February 16, 2010

For my reference later really, a record of the links to the stroke data, splits data, and reply from my race in Boston.

Stroke data showing pace and rate every half second throughout the race, scroll down to my name to find it:

Splits data, again scroll down to my name:

And the replay:

A quick decode for anyone who does actually want to look at the data, an example block from the stroke data at around 200m to go looks like this:


So decoded the first line reads 344.5 seconds into the race (5m44.5 seconds), covered 1800.5 metres, current pace 94seconds, or 1:34.0, and current rate 33spm. The zero on the end I think is where heart rate data would be. The data in terms of rate and pace is rounded to the nearest whole unit unfortunately. I will make an excel graph and post a picture of it later to show the pace through the row, to the nearest second…


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