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30sec reps and off to Boston

Posted by thepeteplan on February 11, 2010

I managed to fit in a last minute late morning session today after not training since Monday. Not ideal preparation with a 17hour working day on Tuesday, and having to be somewhere just after 7am for work this morning. Took the opportunity for a final sharpener workout as I had a small amount of free time.

10 x 30sec / 30sec rest:

4 @ 167m / 1:29.8 / 36
6 @ 168m / 1:29.2 / 36

Totals: 5:00.0 = 1:29.4 / 36

All reps exactly 18 strokes.

Off to the airport in just over an hour, and ready for a fun weekend and a solid 2k on Sunday. I still think I’m right around 6:20 shape, so will pace is accordingly. My current race plan in my head is to do a normal fast start for 5 strokes, then settle by 150m in to 1:35 pace. Then steady pace of 1:35 / 1:36 right through to somewhere between 750m and 500m from the end, aiming to be 1:35.5 at worst at 500m to go, from where I will push on to bring the average down to under 1:35.0 for the sub 6:20. It sounds easy on paper….

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