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HTFU – the MvB method

Posted by thepeteplan on February 3, 2010

I like to read and learn from the way other people train, and if something seems interesting I like to try it out for myself. As I’ve mentioned before, most of my final prep for Boston this year is all about the mental side, and getting myself into a position where I’m confident to push out 1:35’s for the duration of the 2k. Mike van Beuren is a former Crash B hammer winner, and current US Masters sculling champion. Mike blogs his training on the UK concept2 site, and he always has a good methodology behind it. When he posted an interval session on 28th January he had a different pacing method to my usual, so I thought it was interesting enough to try out.

The “Pete Plan” method of pacing intervals is to do the first n-1 intervals at your target pace (generally the average pace from last time you did the session), with the final rep pretty much flat out. The MvB method on his 1min reps was to do the first n-2 reps at your target pace, then the n-1 (second to last) flat out, with the final rep a lesson in holding on following the big lactic acid flood from the penultimate rep. The 8 x 500m session seemed like a good one to try this out on.

8 x 500m / 3:30 rest:
1:32.7 / 34
1:32.6 / 34
1:32.5 / 34
1:32.5 / 34
1:32.5 / 34
1:32.5 / 34
1:31.6 / 35
1:34.8 / 32

12:21.7 / 4000m /1:32.7 / 33

The first 6 were on target pace (which began as 1:32.5 to 1:32.9). This pace was right on the edge anyway I think, as shown by the fact that the “flat out” rep on number 7 wasn’t too much faster. That 0.9second increase in pace (which is of course worth nearly 4seconds over a 2k, so not insignificant) was enough to get the desired effect of “I really don’t want to row any more as my quads are ready to explode”. My personal target was then to complete the final 500m at the pace I want to row the 2k in Boston, thereby proving to myself that even with the feeling of not being able to do another stroke, I can still get through 500m on pace. It was not an enjoyable experience, but it is a good mental exercise in Harden The F*** Up.

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