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10k and Boston is on

Posted by thepeteplan on January 21, 2010

Last night in the gym:

10k= 35:57.0 / 1:47.8 / 26
2k splits:
7:11.9 / 1:47.9 / 27
7:12.1 / 1:48.0 / 26
7:12.1 / 1:48.0 / 26
7:12.1 / 1:48.0 / 27
7:08.8 / 1:47.2 / 27

And Boston is on, flights booked, hotel booked, race entered. Current target 6:20.

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Thoughts of Boston….

Posted by thepeteplan on January 19, 2010

Since my last entry of the 4 x 1200m session while I was away in Seattle I’ve been ill. A couple of very below par training sessions in the last few days in Seattle were an early sign, but after finally getting back to England last Wednesday I then spent much of the next two days in bed, not aiding the recovery from jetlag which was also needed. Despite the fact that 3 trips to the west coast of the US in the past 2 months, and the associated 8 hour time shifts each, have affected my training pretty badly I now find myself considering going to Boston for the world indoor rowing championships. The problem is this is less than 4 weeks away now, another 7+ hour plane trip, and I’m only just trying to recover from the last lot of jetlag and last week’s illness. Today’s session was to be a tester on whether to go or not, but more on that later – what training have I done since that illness last week?

Saturday – I got together with a couple of people I coach to put down a marker for the 1k team challenge we have on this month. As the first session back from illness a 1k is not the best, so it had to be somewhat controlled.

1k = 3:08.7 / 1:34.3 / 32
200m splits:
1:35.0 / 32
1:35.0 / 32
1:35.0 / 32
1:34.7 / 32
1:32.2 / 34

Sunday and Monday were then both moderate paced 10k’s – this is not to say they were easy, the letlag seems to really have had an effect on my longer distance endurance.

Sunday – 10k average 1:53.9

Monday – aim to beat yesterday’s 10k:

10k = 36:48.3 / 1:50.4 / 25
2k split:
1:52.1 / 25
1:51.3 / 25
1:50.9 / 25
1:49.9 / 25
1:47.7 / 26

Much faster than the day before, and felt easier.

Tonights session was planned as a tester. A make or break as to whether to consider going to Boston or not. A simple target of 2 x 1k with a 5 min rest between of sub 1:35.0. For some reason I expected this session to go one way or the other – either I would fail badly on the second rep, or I would feel great on the second rep and smash it well under target.

2 x 1k / 5min rest:
3:09.9 / 1:34.9 / 33
3:09.9 / 1:34.9 / 32

This is good really on the recovery path from illness, but for some reason it’s always annoying when you make a target exactly by the smallest margin possible. Had I targetted 1:34.9 then 1:33.9 could I have made it? I’m not sure I couldn’t have, so that’s a good sign. Hmm….

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It’s all about the training effect

Posted by thepeteplan on January 8, 2010

That’s what I had to tell myself 3 reps into today’s session in order to even start the 4th.

I was supposed to be back home by now. The ice age those of you are experiencing in the UK at the moment is stopping us getting back from Seattle though, so we’re here for an extra 5 days so far.

Back to today’s session. A few others have done this one earlier in the week, so as with all good coaches I thought I’d best not put them through anything I’m not willing to do myself. Is a 4 x 1200m session a longer, harder 4 x 1k, or a shorter, easier 4 x 2k? Well really it is the short end of the middle distance rep sessions, so really it’s more a short 4 x 2k than a long 4 x 1k. With this in mind, the performances by other people this week on this session, and the fact that I’m not putting in a high enough training volume at the moment I decided to push it a bit harder than I normally would. The story of the session went like this:

Rep 1 = 3:57.3 / 1:38.8 / 30

This rep felt ok. Pretty consistent 1:39’s through it, and fairly confident of maintaining pace. On subsequent reps I always take a rolling start into the rep to aim to get the average pace right on from the start.

Rep 2 = 3:59.4 / 1:39.7 / 30

This is where it all started to go wrong. I messed up the rolling start completely and found myself on a 3:30 average pace after a couple of strokes! It took a couple of hundred metres just to get the average under 1:50, and probably a 1:36 first 500m to get the average finally under 1:40! Needless to say this rep took a lot more out of me than the time would show.

Rep 3 = 3:57.9 / 1:39.1 / 31

This rep was pretty tough after the rep before. I had handle down thoughts, but decided to forget the last rep and just make this one good. In the rest before rep 4 I decided that it was the training effect that counts, and I should do the final rep as planned even if slower.

Rep 4 = 4:02.9 / 1:41.2 / 29

No tougher than rep 3 due to the slower pace, and glad to get the session finished.

Totals = 4800m / 15:57.5 / 1:39.7 / 30

It seems like a pretty good session, but in reality I’ve done a lot of 5k’s at and under this pace before, so everything has to be put in perspective!

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10 x 200m / 90rest

Posted by thepeteplan on January 6, 2010

I guess if I give a certain session to a number of people I’d better do it myself. When a session is a little different I like to give it to at least a few different people to get a better idea both of its effectiveness, and how it relates to the test piece it is meant as prep for. In this case the reason for the session was to enable some consistent work at faster pace and higher rate in prep for the CTC 1k. My plan was to neg split from about 1:28 pace (after seeing the performances of some other people).

10 x 200m / 90sec rest:
1:27.5 / 38
1:27.2 / 38
1:27.0 / 38
1:26.7 / 38
1:26.2 / 38
1:26.0 / 38
1:25.5 / 40
1:25.2 / 40
1:25.2 / 41
1:25.0 / 42

2000m = 5:44.7 / 1:26.1 / 28

90 seconds may seem like a long rest for such short reps (mine were all between 24 and 25seconds), but it was the quality of the work pieces that was the important factor, not the aerobic recovery between reps. It’s always interesting to see people comment on blogs when people do these sprint type interval sessions with things like “hard on the lower back”. I’ve never found this type of sprint work at all hard on the lower back – I think only if you put the drag too high it’s a risk when you start to tire if your technique goes and you start taking the catch with your back first rather than your legs. In this case I did raise the drag very slightly from a normal 130 to 138. I did a 10min warm up, and 2500m during the 90second recovery periods.

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12 x 500m / 1min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on January 4, 2010

After the poor showing at the end of last month on barely breaking 1:47 pace for a 5k I said that I was going to spend some time following the Pete Plan 5k training plan, as detailed here:

The first session called for a 12 x 500m / 1min rest. Taking the 1:46.8 as a baseline for starting the plan that’s the pace I really should have set off at for the first rep of the session. I knew at least some of the gap was mental though, so was really looking for more like a 1:45 start. Here’s how it went:

12 x 500m / 1min rest:

1:41.9 / 28
1:41.7 / 28
1:41.2 / 28
1:40.9 / 29
1:40.7 / 29
1:40.5 / 29
1:39.9 / 29
1:39.8 / 30
1:39.7 / 30
1:39.2 / 31
1:38.3 / 31
1:35.9 / 33

Ave = 19:59.6 / 1:39.9 / 29

Negative splitting from the 1:42’s of the first couple of reps felt good. After dipping below 1:40 pace on rep 7 I knew coming into the last rep that I must be close to getting the average under 1:40, and just did enough.

Still another 3 full days on holiday in Seattle after today, then flying home late Thursday, so no doubt I’ll still be eating and drinking too much for that time. I should get another 2 or 3 good sessions in too though.

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