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Alternating pace 10k

Posted by thepeteplan on January 28, 2010

Response to previous comments:

Mike said: “Was inspired by this Pete, so went and did similar myself. As it looked like you’d paced it at approx current 2k-6, I did similar. I then churned out 19×250m/1′ rest @ 1:35.8 (target 1:36) and then did number 20 at 1:28.8. I felt pretty strong and probably had a few more in me, but needed to get home! So, I think my current 2k is soft – I guess 8×500m @1:36 would be a good next session?”

Mike, I’m assuming from this that your current 2k pace is 1:42, hence the 1:36 initial target? If so that’s a well rowed session! What rate did you row at? 500m reps are a lot harder than 250m reps, and despite the fact that you rowed 19 reps I wouldn’t target a pace as fast as this for an 8 x 500m session. Generally 8 x 500m will be at most 3 seconds faster than your current 2k pace, so assuming that you’re actually faster than the 1:42 pace (a prediction, or most recent 2k test?) I’d shoot for 1:37-1:38 for an 8 x 500m. If you manage all reps at 1:37 then you can be confident you can break 6:40 in a 2k test.

Training today:

A variable pace 10k as a moderate session prior to a hard final 10k attempt for the concept2 challenge series tomorrow.

10k = 37:10.8 / 1:51.5 / 24
1k splits:
1:57.9 / 22 (1:58)
1:53.8 / 23 (1:54)
1:49.8 / 25 (1:50)
1:45.8 / 27 (1:46)
1:57.5 / 22 (1:58)
1:53.4 / 24 (1:54)
1:49.6 / 25 (1:50)
1:45.7 / 27 (1:46)
1:55.0 / 23 (1:58/1:54 for 500s)
1:46.6 / 26 (1:50/1:46 for 500s)

The general idea was that each 4th km was at the pace I plan to go tomorrow, and with the last 2k split into 500’s in the same pattern there was 25% of the distance done under 1:46 pace. My best 10k this month is only a 35:50.8 currently, but I feel that physically I can now take a good chunk off this. The plan will be to aim for 34:59 by keeping the rate high to make the pace sustainable. 1:45 / 1:46 for the majority, and if it gets too hard I can always slow during the middle. Even if it turns out that this pace is not sustainable I think this will get me a faster overall time than starting at 1:48. It is going to be a mentally and physically tough row, but I will do all I can.

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