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10k, negative split

Posted by thepeteplan on January 26, 2010

I plan on doing a fast 10k for the CTC on Thursday or Friday this week, so used today’s steady distance session to bridge the gap to the time I want to get then. The idea was to negative split the 10k , therefore getting through the majority of the distance before it starts getting tough.

10k = 35:50.8 / 1:47.5 / 26
2k splits:
1:49.9 / 26
1:48.8 / 26
1:47.8 / 26
1:46.9 / 27
1:44.1 / 28

It never really got tough physically, but so it shouldn’t at this pace. I can’t wait to get back to the point where I can really push these mid to long distance pieces.  There is nothing quite like battling through the almost overwhelming feeling of wanting to stop because the pace is too tough, and the accomplishment that comes with that when you finish anyway.

Tomorrow may have to be a day off due to work commitments.

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