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10 x 250m / 1min rest

Posted by thepeteplan on January 25, 2010

With under 3 weeks to go before the 2000m race at the Crash B’s in Boston it is time to start work on getting the stroke rate up so I can row the 2k time I know I am capable of at the moment. Judging by the sessions I’ve done recently I think if the race was tomorrow I’d be within a couple of seconds of 6:25 at around 31spm. The idea for the next couple of weeks is to introduce sessions to enable me to rate 33 through the 2k, and so break 6:20.

The aim of today’s session was to rate a bit above this, and go a bit faster. I picked a target of just under 1:30 pace, and an aim of 8 to 10reps of 250m with 1min rest. Here’s how it went:

10 x 250m / 1min rest:
1:29.8 / 36
1:29.6 / 36
1:29.6 / 36
1:29.6 / 36
1:29.8 / 35
1:29.6 / 36
1:29.6 / 36
1:29.6 / 36
1:29.6 / 36
1:29.0 / 36

2500m = 7:28.0 / 1:29.6 / 36

Good consistent pacing. I could have done one or two more reps, but this was enough for the desired training effect without compromising the rest of the week’s training.

I have a final 10k for the CTC planned for Friday after work. The plan is to pace it for somewhere in the bracket of 35:20 to 35:40 (1:46 to 1:47), and push on in the final 2k if I feel good. That leaves steady distance work for Tuesday and Thursday, and intervals of some description on Wednesday. There is lots of hard work still to put in over the next 20 days, but with the big race looming I’m looking forward to the mental and physical effort it will take.

3 Responses to “10 x 250m / 1min rest”

  1. jason hewitt said

    I am sure you would be closser to 6:20 than 6:25 Pete.I could do 6:25 today and you are quicker than me mate.

  2. thepeteplan said

    Jason – 2 x 1k / 5min rest each at 1:34.9 should have been easier if I was definitely in 6:20 shape already. 2 more weeks and I’ll be there though. Good luck on the 2k at Manchester if you’re going, pb for sure!

  3. Mike said

    Was inspired by this Pete, so went and did similar myself. As it looked like you’d paced it at approx current 2k-6, I did similar.

    I then churned out 19x250m/1′ rest @ 1:35.8 (target 1:36) and then did number 20 at 1:28.8. I felt pretty strong and probably had a few more in me, but needed to get home!

    So, I think my current 2k is soft – I guess 8x500m @1:36 would be a good next session?

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