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It would have been a long pyramid….

Posted by thepeteplan on January 24, 2010

Have you ever set up a session on your monitor only for the realisation to hit you part way into the session how long it would actually take to row the whole session? A session I’ve done a few times before is 5k-4k-3k-2k-1k with 5,4,3,2min rests after. It seemed like a good idea to reverse this and work up from the 1k, but then go back down the other side of the pyramid. This didn’t seem like a good idea getting towards the apex of the pyramid as I’d have been at the gym all day! In the end I did:

1k = 3:44.9 / 1:52.4 / 24
2k = 7:29.4 / 1:52.3 / 24
3k = 11:14.1 / 1:52.3 / 24
4k = 14:58.6 / 1:52.3 / 24
5k = 18:43.0 / 1:52.3 / 24
4k = 14:55.3 / 1:51.9 / 24

Totals: 1h11m05.4s = 19000m / 1:52.2 / 24

Far enough for a Sunday morning I think.

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