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Second session – intervals

Posted by thepeteplan on January 23, 2010

It’s about time I responded to some of the resent comments on my blog. First the details of my second training session today:

1k = 3:05.1 / 1:32.5 / 33
500m = 1:32.3 / 33
250m = 45.7 / 1:31.4 / 34
250m = 42.0 / 1:24.0 / 44

Initially the idea was to do a better time for the CTC ( as the second session of the day, so as not to “waste” a session doing just a 1k. I didn’t warm up enough for the 1k though, and as such it was somewhat less than maximal effort so I put in some reps after it. The final 250m felt great, and I need to re-learn how to do that on the end of a maximal 2k!

On to the comments:

Phil commented: “Pete – would you advise doing all the shorter and middle distance training pieces on the 5K Pete Plan at 29 or 30 spm, which I think you stated is optimal for a 5K PB attempt?”

For me personally I find 29-30spm optimal for a 5k test, therefore do try to do the reps at 5k pace at this type of rating. In my experience, when it comes to interval training you become efficient at certain rate and pace combinations, so what you do in the training is what you will be best doing in the test.

Tim commented: “Everybody has off days. I was fighting off a chest infection at BIRC (with obvious loss of speed), and it still hasn’t completely cleared. You’re still in the hunt for the Challenge series, as someone has put in a silly time, which means that all the percentages are compressed for that round.”
I did wonder why you were off pace at BIRC, and wasn’t sure if you just didn’t have the competition to need to push harder. It’s odd, as someone who doesn’t get ill often, when the training starts to go downhill before the illness becomes apparent. At the time I did that 5k in 17:47 I thought I was just out of shape and jetlagged!
David commented: “Sounds like you have a good plan. I’m looking for different ways to increase speed and endurance in my runs. Sounds like as much as I don’t like them, intervals may be the way to go. Thanks for sharing!”
Interval training is as effective in increasing running speed as it is on the erg. If you have access to a track it can actually be quite enjoyable doing 400m reps, honestly! On the road (or the treadmill) you can do them either with a stop watch and perceived exertion, or by heart rate.
Gene commented: “Two words: Red Hook. Good luck in Boston.”
Are you saying my trip(s) to the Redhook brewery rather than the gym in Seattle might have had an impact on the few kg I put on, and the few seconds in pace I lost on the erg?

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3 x 20mins endurance work

Posted by thepeteplan on January 23, 2010

In order to increase my fitness and lose the spare for kgs I’m carrying before Boston I need to do some lower level endurance work to increase my overall training volume. This morning attempt at this was:

3 x 20mins / 2R:
5237m / 1:54.5 / 20
5245m / 1:54.3 / 20
5256m / 1:54.1 / 20

Totals = 15738m / 1:54.3 / 20

Three weeks till the race in Boston, and about 17 training days till I fly over there. I really need to get a bit of speed work in before then, but at the moment thinking longer term the base level endurance is more important to me. The target is still sub 6:20 for Boston, and there’s still a lot of work to be done if that will be possible.

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