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10 x 200m / 90rest

Posted by thepeteplan on January 6, 2010

I guess if I give a certain session to a number of people I’d better do it myself. When a session is a little different I like to give it to at least a few different people to get a better idea both of its effectiveness, and how it relates to the test piece it is meant as prep for. In this case the reason for the session was to enable some consistent work at faster pace and higher rate in prep for the CTC 1k. My plan was to neg split from about 1:28 pace (after seeing the performances of some other people).

10 x 200m / 90sec rest:
1:27.5 / 38
1:27.2 / 38
1:27.0 / 38
1:26.7 / 38
1:26.2 / 38
1:26.0 / 38
1:25.5 / 40
1:25.2 / 40
1:25.2 / 41
1:25.0 / 42

2000m = 5:44.7 / 1:26.1 / 28

90 seconds may seem like a long rest for such short reps (mine were all between 24 and 25seconds), but it was the quality of the work pieces that was the important factor, not the aerobic recovery between reps. It’s always interesting to see people comment on blogs when people do these sprint type interval sessions with things like “hard on the lower back”. I’ve never found this type of sprint work at all hard on the lower back – I think only if you put the drag too high it’s a risk when you start to tire if your technique goes and you start taking the catch with your back first rather than your legs. In this case I did raise the drag very slightly from a normal 130 to 138. I did a 10min warm up, and 2500m during the 90second recovery periods.

One Response to “10 x 200m / 90rest”

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan. I’m looking for different ways to increase speed and endurance in my runs. Sounds like as much as I don’t like them, intervals may be the way to go. Thanks for sharing!

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