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17:47 is too long, even on holiday…

Posted by thepeteplan on December 30, 2009

I think we were probably lucky to get to Seattle without incident after the BA strike, the snow, and just missing out by 2 days the extra security now in place after the failed Christmas day bombing. But we did make it without any delays a week ago.

I managed to get a 3 day guest pass for the local YMCA gym so am trying to make the best use of it to get some fitness back that I’ve lost with the various work trips, and the chest illness I had about 3 weeks ago. Evidently this combination took more out of me (and my fitness) than I thought. I made my first trip to the Y on the 28th and got bored after 20mins of a “just row” so did a few sprints, a few weights, then a little swimming. Today I went for the second time and decided I really couldn’t finish the month with a 17:58 for the challenge series (which was the fastest 5k I’d done in December).

After a 2k warm up I set 5000m and aimed to set off at 1:48 in the hope that this would feel so easy I’d speed up loads as I went through. It didn’t go that way, it just felt tough from about 1k in right through to the end. The final time was 17:47.9, a pace of 1:46.8 at 26spm. Very nearly a second slower pace than my half marathon pb…

So what am I going to do to get those 8seconds of pace back to by 5k pb? Well to begin with, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Sure my fitness is a little off, but much of the pace differential is a combination of mental strength and simple time on the saddle. I think I could get the first 30seconds off today’s time in 1 to 2 weeks of dedicated training, if I had the time or inclination while on holiday. I’ve also got a good few spm in hand to gain some of the pace back simply with conditioning to row the 5k at 29/30 again.

I think a couple of month’s of dedicated 5k training, pretty much following my 5k plan:
Will get me back under 17mins, so that will be what I’ll start with.

Of course a couple of days with no alcohol or huge portions of food might help too. ;-)

I’ll have a look into the Farnborough 5k competition once I’m back at home in 10days or so. Currently we have a provisional date of Saturday 22nd May, but I’ve not spoken to C2 at all about race machines, and that is the main hassle and expense of running a comp, so the one arrangement that needs finalising before confirming the comp is on. I will try to get a definite decision one way or the other by the end of January.


2 Responses to “17:47 is too long, even on holiday…”

  1. Tim said

    Everybody has off days. I was fighting off a chest infection at BIRC (with obvious loss of speed), and it still hasn’t completely cleared. You’re still in the hunt for the Challenge series, as someone has put in a silly time, which means that all the percentages are compressed for that round.

    Roll on the 10k!

  2. phil said

    Pete – would you advise doing all the shorter and middle distance training pieces on the 5K Pete Plan at 29 or 30 spm, which I think you stated is optimal for a 5K PB attempt?

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