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What not to do, and more travelling

Posted by thepeteplan on December 20, 2009

I someone forgot to post this entry on 6th December:

I couldn’t resist having a go at the CTC this morning, even though I should have rested as my chest feels bad. I’m going away tomorrow (not sure how long for, as the return plan seems to have fallen through, oh well worry about that when I get there tomorrow….) so had to put a score in really.

The plan as I said yesterday was somewhere between hard and easy, around 1:47-1:48. Of course I had DCs 1:46.4 in the back of my mind if I was close to it at the end. So why didn’t I stick to the plan?

5min splits:
1:44.7 / 25 – feels pretty easy
1:45.1 / 25 – legs feel good, but chest beginning to feel bad
1:47.0 / 25 – slow down, stop, or spend the next week in bed
1:47.8 / 25 – that’s better
1:46.2 / 25 – but I still can’t resist beating that 1:46.4

25mins = 7061m / 1:46.2 / 25

I think I can go sub 1:45 towards the end of the month once my chest is cleared up, but we’ll see what effect the next week off erg training has…

And here is where I am as of today, 2 weeks after this entry:

I commented in my last blog entry on 6th December, exactly two weeks ago, that it was a bad idea trying the CTC 25r25 with a bad chest. I was going away the following day on a work trip, so felt I should do a good session before some enforced rest.

That enforced rest was a good thing. I flew on the Monday to LA, then drove to San Diego. I looked in the gym in the San Diego hotel and there were no ergs so no temptation there – the outdoor pool was far too cold to contemplate! The Tuesday I drove to Yuma, Arizona. Again the Yuma hotel didn’t have any ergs in the gym, so again no temptation to train. The plan then was 3 days of work flying while out there in the desert then flying home on the military trial aircraft over the weekend. The aircraft broke the day we travelled there, so the return trip was cancelled. Luckily I located a different aircraft doing some different training in California so flew with them instead during the week. A last minute BA ticket got me home from Phoenix overnight on the Saturday night though (that was expensive!).

I actually can’t really remember why I didn’t sit on the erg again until Friday this week. I was pretty tired early in the week, and my chest wasn’t fully recovered, so it was still a good thing. I finally did get back on the erg Friday and am slowly getting back into it.

I have a whole 3 more days in the country now before flying to Seattle for Christmas and New Year on Wednesday, so I don’t think I will be posting any good scores for the challenges this month!

For completeness, on Friday I decided to put in a sub maximal effort for the 5k concept2 challenge series. 1:45 pace is normally pretty easy for a 5k. I made it through to 2500m and thought it was a bad idea to carry on with what would have probably ended up being a pretty much maximal effort!

Yesterday I did the 5k again but this time negative split from 1:50 pace instead to make sure of finishing it ok:

5k = 17:58.4 / 1:47.8 / 25
1k splits:
1:50.0 / 24
1:49.1 / 25
1:48.0 / 25
1:47.2 / 25
1:44.8 / 26

Patience will be required to get back to where I was just 3 weeks or so ago….

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